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Which social media platform do you, as a photographer, focus on?

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To get exposure you, as a photographer, have to engage in social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Flickr and so on. And not just one, more likely a few. That takes up a lot of time. I wonder what social media you focus on to promote your photographic activities. Maybe you are using more than one. Maybe you automatically cross-post to others? Do you simply post a picture or do you blog about it too?

Since  you are reading this here, you must have figured out that I blog. I do post pictures to Instagram and cross post these to Twitter. It does seem to get me exposure as I do see people coming to my website via these channels. I haven’t figured out yet what the best strategy is so I wonder what it is that you do. Let me know by filling out this poll and leave a comment if you have additional things to say!

Which social media platform do you focus on?

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